Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sekatul Java Kampoeng

Sekatul is the name of place with java rural atmosphere. It is located in the slope of Ungaran Mountain in Sekatul, Margosari village, Kendal regency.

This location is situated in the range of hills of Medini with has a width about 10 hectares area. This place is very enchanting with the beautiful carpet of paddy fields, strawberry and vanilla plantation, and fishing pond. This place is also used for planting herbs, fruits, flowers, and animal husbandry.

For serving guest, Sekatul also equips a house called Joglo with antique Javanese architecture for resting the body after do activities. Facilities in Sekatul are: hotel for family and group, restaurant, camping ground, fishing pond, garden for making party, meeting room, and surau (Islamic prayer house).

Medini itself is situated in Gonoharjo hot water bathing place complex, Ngesrep village, Kendal regency. It is tea plantation that has 700 – 1600 meters high from sea level. The weather is about 24.6 Celsius degree. This plantation is open for taking a walk to go along the tea plantation area. Beside that, there are some activities that can be seen; making of palm sugar and blinds made of thin bamboo slats.

Other interesting places in Medini are Curug Lawe water fall, and cave with about 24 rooms. From this place visitor can also see the beautiful scenery of Ungaran Mountain and the valley of Ungaran town.

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